A complaint is a formal way to tell us how we can improve.  At Evolve we are committed to providing you the best service with integrity and value. Evolve is governed under the Health and Disability Code for this reason. At Evolve we are all about quality of service.

So you can rest assured that your concerns will be treated fairly, with urgency and respect and we will do everything we can to correct the issue presented to us with sensitivity and confidentiality.


If it matters to you it matters to us.


  • You can complain to the Health and Safety Commission

  • Your complaint is always taken seriously

  • You have the right to ask for an advocate to complain on your behalf

  • You have the right to have a support person to assist you with the complaint

  • Making a complaint means you are entering a formal legal process



  • You can complete the form at the bottom of this page

  • You can click here to download and print the form, then hand it to a facilitator or send it to the below address:

    Andre Jackson
    4 Springfield Crescent
    Enderley, Hamilton

  • You can phone or email your complaint to:

    Andre Jackson
    Phone: 022 105 5659
    Email: evolvetrust@gmail.com

  • Write or talk to an advocate at the Health and Disability Commissioner Office:

    Phone: 0800 55 55 00
    PO box 1971



Day 1

Your complaint is received by the manager. Action and resolution takes place from this point. The manager has a responsibility to help and assist you wherever possible.

Day 5

If your complaint hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction during this time, we will acknowledge your complaint in writing.

Day 10

The Evolve Manager will report back to you on the outcome of your complaint.

If you are not happy with the process or outcome

If you are not happy with how we handled your complaint, you can request your complaint be escalated to our Trust Board who will investigate and report back to you within a further 20 days.


When completing the form:

  • Be as clear as you can and keep to the facts

  • Write clearly how this affects you and how you want to see your complaint resolved

First Name

Email Address

Last Name

Phone Number

What Happened?

Where Did This Happen?

Date Of Incident

Time Of Incident



What Steps Have You Taken To Resolve This?

How Would You Like This Resolved?

Before submitting this form, please make sure that the information above is correct

Thanks, we have now received your complaint. We will get back to you once we have reviewed it. The complaints process is now underway, you can view the complaints process by clicking here.

Looks like something went wrong, please check that you have filled in all the fields on the form. You can look at the other methods of submitting the complaints form, or try again later.