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Ancestry Life vs Modern Life

The following piece of writing is featured in Issue 1 of the EQM Magazine in the Insight into the Journey section. This is available to read through our website at

Ancestry Life

Every community had people that hunted, fished, and harvested food.

We had to form social groups within our communities in order to survive; if we didn't have a tribe we were at a much higher risk of dying. We bonded, we connected, and we protected each other. We moved, we rested, and we had the ability to take the time to recover. We lived in a time when surviving was thriving.

Modern Life

Our communities are full of supermarkets, dairies, and general convenience stores. With everything available at our fingertips, we no longer have to really bond with others in order to survive. We are overloaded with deadlines and pressure. We are connected to anything and anyone we want through the internet but rarely have the opportunity to switch off and ensure our basic needs of humanity are being met.

We used to live by the design of our humanity, not of society. We are not designed to live at this fast pace without rest!


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