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Emotional Lies

You look into my greeny brown eyes,

and discover all my emotional lies.

You see me smile, but know it means a frown -

It just seems to bring you down.

I try to cover all this up with laughter and smiles,

trying to keep you close to make life worth its while.

I question is this really fair on you?

Taking for granted everything you do.

I'm being selfish, only thinking of me.

The thing is, like you I want to be.

Caring and happy all the time,

compared to you I guess I seem like a mime.

Well known for always being quiet and sad -

I just don't understand how you never get angry or mad.

But now being happy I really understand,

throwing the horrible past away feels exceptionally grand.

Last night I discovered I'm happy again because of everything you do,

I just wanted to say a big thanks and I love you.

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