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Enter at your own risk

Hopelessly gazing into the corner, I sit in darkness alone

Counting the vehement demons I wish to disown

You see this outer shell I portray of cohesion and order

Concealing the depths of my intrinsic disorder

Still sitting here silently while my demons attack virulently

Urging me to lose control while the devil begs me to sell my soul

My spirit is fighting, protecting my heart and soul

Standing guard, throwing lightning from beside my mansions flagpole

Each attack adding another level to my mental complexity

Yet the devil falters to turn my mansion into his maleficent embassy

I don't share with you the pain that I feel

It would leave you traumatized, it's torturously surreal

What you see as acting incoherently, I recognize as fight or flight - I'm stuck in a state of emergency

Next time you see this don't feel the need to highlight

I know my neurotransmitter balance isn't right

This is the closest you'll get to exploring my soul

Consider this peeping through my mansions front door keyhole


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