I asked a wise teacher

I asked a wise teacher

“Teach me how to let go of my past”

He picked up a rock

And threw it at me hard


I felt its sting

As I tried to move out of the way

But its was faster than me

As it hit hard and fell away


“Pick it up for me”

The teacher asked in soft tone

As I gave it back with slight hesitation

again  the rock was pervasively thrown


A 3rd time it hit me

But the fourth time I was prepared

But this time was different

In his hand the rock never cleared


As my hands lower down

From guarding my wounded face

 I straightened my hiding body

And put my courage back in place


The wise man looked at me

“SO what is it that has you upset”

What is it that hurts you

What’s this emotion you have kept


The rock is no longer hurting you

It happened a brief time long ago

But because it happened a few time before

You still have to learn to let go


The pain you feel

Is the effect of what was before

the rock lays peaceful now

what was is now no more


You can lower your guarded arms now

And you can lower your own rock that you hold

Its by our hand we keep reminding ourselves

That our past is being re told

We need to live our life looking forward

We need to examine our life in reverse

But if we carry this rock of past reactions

We always fulfill our own curse


The longer you hold  it the heavier it gets

It never was yours to own

Your journey is better without the weight

Of your burdened and weighted stone


So learn the lessons your past give you

Then place what weighted you to the ground

Don’t relive what is already gone

Its not yours anymore  so lay it down

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