If your not too busy today

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

You ask me how you can help

So if you're not too busy today

I need you to judge me a little less

I need you to see me as equal a little more

I need your silence to be louder

and to listen a little more today

I need you to be in less of a hurry

and to sit with me a little more.

I’m not asking you to get it

I’m asking you to hear me

I’m not wanting you to fix me

I’m asking you to show me.

That you see me as the same

that I am worth your time

and you can hear me talk

without comparison

without judgement.

Without making the solution sound easy

I don’t want you to ‘save’ me

or make me a carbon copy of you

I just need you to be around

to be the same.

Sometimes I will lean on your strength

if that's ok

for a time

so I can breath

until I can breathe on my own

can you do that?

if you’re not too busy today.


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