My name is anonymous

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

My name is anonymous

and this is my mask

It fits well

It's made for me

I build it to last.

It's hands of judgement

is what helps it stay in place

and my hands adjust it's position

to hide the cracks in my face.

I have perfected the look of happy

to show you I fit in

I practice this smile many times

This mechanical empty grin

The eyes in this mask

reflects the inner me

So you will excuse me if I avoid your gaze

That's the one I don't want you to see

The contours of my mask

fit perfectly to my face

it hide the splintered shadow

in this chaotic empty space So if you don't mind

If I trust you enough to see

don't cover your eyes if my mask slips off

Please look and see the real me.

and just be!



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