Teaching about lessons

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

I asked my teacher

“Teach me about lessons in my life”

And my teacher replied

"Lessons will be shown to you often

but you will be taught only when you are ready to see the lesson.

You will learn the lesson

then the lesson will leave you.

Lessons will repeat until you see the learning

persistent in the offer of teaching, the lesson begs your attention

and you teaching begins because the teacher is heard.

Our lessons will echo what we need to do to find our center

and the stillness in within that center.

And the best breathing space is within that stillness.

We all have lessons

be patient in the learning of others.

Their teacher may not be heard yet

so sweep their path with your compassion.

Sometimes you are the teacher for others

but don’t force yourself into that title

that title belongs to the universe

but be ever present and available"



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