The coat of unforgiveness

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Once upon a time

In a house in the distance

Lives a person drowning

In his handmade unforgiveness

His coat stitched together

With his threads of hate and fears

Woven by the fabric of righteous emotion

To become the weighted coat he wears

Taking his time

By the dimmest of light

He details it with purpose

Making the stitching just right

In the noise of unforgiveness

He becomes what he feeds

Addicted by the bitterness of hate

And the sweetness of festered greed

Patched perfection of mosaic moments

Lines the inside of his coat

Glued in are the carbon copies

Of the unforgiving script that he wrote

He has another coat

Made for display and for show

It looks lighter on the outside

But over the bigger coat it goes

Time grows older around his life

As he sits and grooms his art

Patiently perfecting his internal design

Of a unforgiving poisoned heart

His unforgivness became his purpose

His coat became his prison

Wrapped in his illusion that mirrors

His own unforgiveness that he lives in

He gather people around him

To feed into his woven thread

Its easier to feed from the hands of others

When it’s the same food that’s being fed.

There once lived a man

Who refused to forgive

And what he feed

Ate him alive

There once was a man who never lived

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