What if your life was a garden

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

What if your life was a garden

and you are the gardener.

What if you are the planter

and also the harvester.

What you grow comes from seeds planted

and what you reap comes from soils harvest.

It’s the garden that you call life

and you are it's artist.

You each have a garden

that is kept by your hand.

What you grow is what you cultivate

from the seeds that you plant in your land.

A garden planted by default

is a garden that you will see

as the victim of whatever happens

and whatever will be will be.

You must keep feeding the soil

with healthy food for healthy fruit.

If you starve your hardened ground

no healthy plants will take root.

Weeds grow fast and deep

so be sure to weed out often.

They are easier to pull up

when the roots are small and soften.

But even the weeds have a purpose

so must be treated with respect.

Its means you must find your learning

in the parts of you they reflect.

A good garden need boundaries

And a good boundary doesn't hide or smother.

A kind but defined boundary works best

while respecting the boundaries of others.

If you are given seeds from others

but they don't look healthy and true.

Discard them politely and with respect

they are not meant to be owned by you

Give your garden some shelter

from the harshest of nature’s weather.

Keep your roots deep and strong

They are strongest when bonded together

Give your garden plenty of light

don't let it live in the shade.

It's worse if you can't grow

living in shadows that others have made.

Give time to trim back

the parts of the garden that are gone.

Stop feeding the plants that are still and lifeless

give them back to the ground where they come from.

You are the gardener of your garden

and the fruits that you produce

are the result of the care you invest

in the harvest that comes from you.



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