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What is your 'WHY'?

This picture made me think of yesterday's support group live session about strength and got me thinking a bit so thought I'd write a post with my thoughts. Everytime we challenge ourselves by pushing past our self doubt or some sort of hurdle we move one step closer to achieving our goals. It's important to remember though that these are steps, it's not a slope that you're expected to conquer in a day! With our journey being constructed of steps we have space to rest and reflect on where we are, what we need to do to care for ourselves, and the best way to continue making progress on our journey. Each journey and goal looks different, so some will have more steps than others. Take your time but keep moving forward! 🙂 Most importantly don't compare your progress to the person next to you - even if our paths look similar, they are not the same! If you have the need to compare yourself, compare yourself with who you were yesterday, create a baseline of who you are as a person and check yourself against that... Ask yourself some questions... Am I still fighting to achieve the same goal I was yesterday? I'm feeling worse than previously, what have I done before to give myself a boost? Maybe it was eating, getting a good sleep, having a bath, spending the afternoon with a friend... Am I doing the things that bring me happiness? What are these things? (Maybe make a list so when you're feeling down you don't even have to think about what can help)

Who helps to keep me motivated and inspired?

Where are the places that make me feel safe?

What motivates me?

Am I considering the effects of my actions on others while I'm fighting to achieve my goals? There are many questions we can ask ourselves on our journey but the most important question that gives us our sense of purpose for what we are trying to achieve is 'WHY?' Never forget your 'WHY' because when you are in your toughest time this is what will give you strength to get up and push past whatever is trying to push you down. It doesn't matter what exactly we are healing from, we are all here to turn our lives around, to create a better future for ourselves and those around us. We all have something within us that motivates us to continue on this journey we started and to never look back.


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