What you will learn in life

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

You will learn to be human to each other

until you learn to use your differences as barriers.

You will learn to see the good in people

until you find it easier to judge and label.

You will learn to play hide and seek

until you learn to hide too well.

You will learn to write your story

until you lose your place and others write it for you.

You will learn to cry out loud

until you learn to do it in silence.

You will learn by making mistakes

and then learn to measure them with self-judgement.

You will learn the joy of forgiveness

until you learn to hold onto the hurt.

You will learn to be kind to yourself

until you learn to be your own enemy.

You will learn to live moment by moment

until you learn to not let them go.

You will learn to fight for what you believe in

until you learn to give up.

You will learn to speak the truth

until you learn that lying is easier to believe.

You will learn to feel free with your emotions

until you learn to hide them.

You will start to learn a little about who you are

until you learn to believe what you are not.

You will also learn to unlearn the learning.

That you can find your humanity again

and see the equality in yourself.

That you can learn to not hide from yourself

but to learn to know yourself well.

That you can write your own story

of strength and courage and honor.

That you can learn to make mistakes

and learn the lessons they bring.

That you can learn to forgive

and learn to start with you.

That you can learn to be kinder to yourself

and be gentle with your words you use.

That you will learn to be gentle with your battles

and to surrender to the higher you.

That you will learn to speak truth to yourself

and learn the difference between the two.



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