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Your Phoenix

The dust created by your phoenix of yesterday

creates the new phoenix that rises today

The ashes of old resting on the seed of the new

and from there the new growth is born

The strength in your new phoenix comes from the battles fought

and the wisdom of your new phoenix comes with battles understood

This poem is featured in Issue 1 of the EQM Magazine in the Conscious Creations section. This is available to read on our website at

Feeling Creative?

The phoenix artwork to the left is an example of how you can use the colouring page from Issue 1 of EQM as a self-development and analysis tool.

This example was completed by Sammy Ford, a Peer Connector at Evolve.

How do I use this as a tool?

In the broken buildings write negative traits, situations, feelings, or aspects of life you wish to leave behind.

Under the wings/around the phoenix write positive skills and qualities about yourself that will help you progress.

In the clouds write down what goals you would like to achieve or values/qualities you want to have.


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