Anger in the clouds

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Replace anger with any emotion you want.

I sat with my teacher and said

“ Everything I do makes me angry”

My teacher replied,

"Because you have put your anger in everything you do.

Look at the clouds in the sky

When you look at them they give you anger because you have taken the anger of before and said to the clouds "Here cloud, I am angry so you are seen as my anger". You look at the butterfly flying past and say to it "Here butterfly I am seeing you in my anger so that makes you frustrating to me".

The butterfly and the cloud are still the same but you have made them angry to you so they look different.

You have created an angry butterfly and an angry cloud. But they are oblivious to this.

They still are beautiful, But to you they represent the cause of your anger

You missed their beauty because you put your anger in the way.


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