Support Group

We offer weekly groups offering peer-led and facilitator-led support.

Peer Groups are a way to sit with other people who may be on a similar journey to you. 

Acceptance and value are the focus of these groups in a space that does not judge or devalue you.

At Evolve we believe that sometimes the voice of Depression and Anxiety is really loud but we will show you that your voice is stronger.

There are several options for you to choose from:

DAYS                        TIME
Tuesdays                 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Wednesdays           5:30pm-6:30pm
Saturdays                1:00pm – 2:00pm


211 Peachgrove Road




These sessions are independent of each other meaning that you don’t have to go to previous sessions to get the benefit out of the next one.

Participation is when you want to contribute only and its never forced on you or expected from you. The learning is not dependant on your participation only, its dependant on what resonates with you and what you put into practice. 

Each session has a koha attached to it. Under the true spirit of Koha this is a personal expression of gratitude not an entry fee. So it’s reflected in the mana between the participant and Evolve Trust.



The Journey

Over the years we have taught many different topics and sessions about how to disempower depression and anxiety and how to reclaim yourself. We have taken the best of those topics and sessions and turned it into a programme called “The Journey”.

This Journey is for you if:

  • You feel stuck and want to get unstuck

  • You are sick of depression and anxiety running your life

  • You want to improve your quality of life without the shadow of depression or anxiety.

  • You are receiving a benefit from Work and Income

  • You want to find your place in the community find your purpose.

This program requires you to attend a 2.5  hour workshop once a week, and a weekly one on one coaching session to ensure you are getting the most from the program and to guide you towards finding your role in the community that is fulfilling and rewarding.

‘The Journey’ is a program that covers subjects like:

  • The character of Depression and Anxiety

  • Mindfulness (Practical and Theory)

  • Our values

  • How to forgive

  • How to be kind to yourself

  • Boundaries

  • Self-care

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Identifying Barriers

  • How to be assertive

    And More...

The Journey’ Programme is designed to support and provide tools to assist you in understanding the true nature of depression and anxiety and how to find yourself through meaningful contributions in the community that fit around you.

This is a free service designed to focus on practical learning rather than being academic.

‘The Journey’ is proudly funded by The Ministry of Social Development and has an eligibility criteria to participate. 

Contact us or a Case Manager for more details.



We live in a busy world with increasing stresses of daily life on our doorstep.

It gets hard to navigate through life with stress constantly seeking our attention. Wouldn't it be great if we could just take a break from stress and not have to carry it around with us.

Well, you can.

Evolve Peer Support Trust is offering a mindfulness program for individuals and groups that is specifically designed to reduce stress and enable you to find your "breathing spaces" through the day.

Mindfulness is our way of finding " pockets of stillness" through the day.  Mindfulness just means allowing your body and mind to be in the same place, at the same time.

It means to Be.Here.Now

It means not being in the busyness of our head but in the lightness of the moment. And that's the place where we can breathe and refuel. 

In this program you will learn:
➫ How we are actually designed to deal with
➫ How to slow down the mind chatter.
➫ Practical tools and techniques that help you find your breathing space.
➫ To gain a greater sense of self-understanding and personal insights to help you along your journey.

This program consists of a a 3-4 hour workshop that enables you to take away real time tools and techniques without having to master or become skilled in something first. You can use all you learn straight away. 

To enquire about this program please  contact us directly.